Callcenter Boy
Annabel Chong

I feel like Annabel Chong in “The Best of Annabel Chong: Triple Penetration Special”

I am getting it from all directions.

Today is a day to be reckoned with. I have been working for 4.5 hours today and have already had 8 customers w/ an attitude problem, 3 who wanted to talk to a supervisor.

Not to mention, I know this may be a surprise but I really do like to help people when they really need and deserve it, that I have 3 supervisors making it as difficult as they can for me to provide one of my customers with good customer service. One of the supervisors, my direct supervisor infact had the audacity to accuse me of “call avoidance”! Everyone in a call center knows what this is, and if you aren’t in a call center and can’t figure it out… never fear Callcenter Boy is here! “Call Avoidance” basically says that I am trying to avoid incoming calls because I don’t want to do my job. Seriously? This is bullshit.

What he doesn’t realize, is that when I choose to avoid my job I do so in such a manner that I WON’T BE WORKING ON SOMETHING ELSE! Why would I wan’t to avoid my job only so that I could keep doing my job? Doesn’t make sense to me either. Thanks for agreeing with me!

Hopefully I have some customers out there reading this blog, and because this isanonymous hopefully someone will answer these questions. Why do you lie to us? Why do you call us and tell us that a rep has told you something that they haven’t told you? All day long I get this. “I talked to so and so and they said I would get x,y,z for free/½ off etc…” We all know that didn’t actually happen. I know that that you customers do this because I have had customers tell me that the last person they talked to told them something and I look to see who they spoke to.. guess who it was? Me. Yeah, that’s who. I know good and God damn well I never told you that shit. Also, I have gone back and listened to calls before and the rep never even hinted at the things the customer is claiming. Shit, if you want a $15 credit because you can’t afford this bill, just say that. I am much more likely to give it to you if you put it that way than if you lie, because by telling me the truth you avoid irritating me and pissing me off. Thus, I am more likely to be nice to you. So lets stop all this lying and just be honest ok?

Oh Yeah, I forgot, I also want to know why in the flying fuck it’s ok for you to call in to me and be a total piece of shit to me yet the moment you sense any frustration in my voice you flip out about how rude I am and they you want to talk to a supervisor. Honestly. Do you REALLY think it’s ok to treat a customer rep like shit but its not ok for them to react to that?  Do you HONESTLY think we are here just for you to call and disrespect us? You fucking customers need to get your shit straight. Because the next time you call me treating me like shit I may go off on your ass like you have never been treated before. I will find out your secrets and I will forever harass you, worse yet, it may be the last time you call anyone ever again.